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Colloidal silver has been used for thousands of years, including the Greeks and the Romans, who used containers lined with silver to store their liquids. They also took it topically and internally to support their immune system. Closer to home, the American settlers would put a silver dollar in their milk pail to delay spoilage. Silver is also widely used in the medical profession especially in burn bandages.

Colloidal Silver is tasteless, odorless, nontoxic, pure and a natural substance consisting of microscopic clusters of silver particles. ALPHA Silver Support has over 9 billion of these electrically charged silver particles to the ounce that are made of pure silver.

SILVER... Does Your Body Need Silver? There is silver in the food we eat and the human body contains about .001% of silver.

DO NOT USE Silver Nitrate (NO3) or Silver Chloride or any other unsafe process. Uuse only PURE SILVER (99.999%) particles that are permanently bound to a unique 'Healing Frequency' structure of deionized water.

PPM... What Does PPM Mean? PPM stands for Parts Per Million. It is als referred to as: mg/l (Milligrams Per Liter)

BLUE MAN... Who Is the Blue Man? There has been some publicity about the ‘Blue Man’. This condition is known as a Argyria and occurs with EXCESSIVE USE of Silver Chloride, (see below) creating a blue ‘tinge’ to the skin. Use only PURE SILVER because it is the safest method of using colloidal silver.

SILVER CHLORIDE...What Is Silver Chloride? Silver Chloride is poisonous and turns the skin blue by depositing silver particles into the skin. You can tell if you are taking Silver Chloride by adding salt to it. This will produce a milky solution. WARNING: If the label says "Shake the bottle", you are not getting true Colloidal Silver.

Before After
Before Salt
After Salt

SILVER NITRATE... What Is Silver Nitrate? When ingested, Silver Nitrate is highly toxic to the gastrointestinal tract and central nervous system. Swallowing can cause severe gastroenteritis that may end fatally. Silver Nitrate is an inorganic compound with chemical formula AgNO3. It is also known as Nitric Acid. This can be detected by shaking the product. If it produces a foam then it is probably sliver nitrate.

silverPURE SILVER... is NOT toxic or poisonous and can be digested or used on, or in, any part of the body. The concentration should only be 3 to 5 Parts Per Million (3 PPM) which is more effective than 5 PPM, 10 PPM or any other higher concentration of Silver Chloride of Nitrate. Using only 3 PPM, means you are using the safest Colloidal Silver on the market.

You can do a test to ensure you are getting pure silver. Freeze the product in a glass and then let it thaw. After a day or two the silver will come out of suspension and be sitting on the bottom of the glass. If it is NITRIC ACID, there will be NO silver particles at the bottom of the glass because Nitric Acid dissolves silver particles.

DO A QUICK TEST... If the label says "Shake the bottle", you are not getting true Colloidal Silver.

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