* Liquid Vitamins
Why are 'natural' vitamins in a liquid form far superior to tablets?

* Liquid Minerals
Why are minerals more important, and essential, than vitamins?

* Blood Pressure
Why herbal extracts are an alternative to drugs and their side effects.

* Blood Sugar
Can you maintain healthy blood sugar l;evels in a natural way?

* Joint Health
What is so unique about NZ mussel extract and what are 'GAGS'

* Colloidal Silver
Why has this been used for thousands of years in so many countries.

* Weight Loss
How can I burn fat and not lose lean muscle in the process.



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arrow STUDY: New Zealand Knee Joint Study.

arrow STUDIES: Trials/Uses/Data References

arrow COMPARISON: Compare Aspirin and Heat Processed' mussel extracts.

arrow INGREDIENTS: Green Lipped Mussel Extract

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